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The soundtrack for To TMO or Not To TMO is taken entirely from the tracks supplied with The Movies videogame. The specific tracks used are identified below, in the order they appear in the film.

Steeped in the lore of The Movies, the game music seemed the only real choice for To TMO or Not To TMO. Most selections are of the Big Band variety, using their somewhat comedic flair to complement specific scenes.

Fanfare - Opening Titles

Clever Clogs - Scene 2 : Journey to the Local Video Game Store

Inspector Slinky - Scenes 3 and 4 : Making of a Murder Mystery

Top Hat and Tails - Scene 5 : The Search for Voice Actors

Nonsense - Scene 6 : The Export Process

Oompa Jumpa - Scene 7 : Release to the Site

Bongo Bill - Closing Credits