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The soundtrack for For My Fellow Soldier is taken entirely from the tracks supplied with The Movies videogame. The specific tracks used are identified below, in the order they appear in the film. While a large percentage of the film contains music, there are some periods of silence.

For My Fellow Soldier is a tribute to the orchestral works performed by the City of Prague, Philharmonic Orchestra. While every attempt has been made to make it appear as though the music was scored for the film, the reverse is in fact true. The film was edited, even conceived in some cases, to go with the music.

Introduction and Opening Credits

Dark Horizon - 00m00s through 00m30s. Background.
Magic of the Movies - 00m41s through 01m39s. Foreground.
Scene 1

A Lone Fight - 00m00s through 01m29s. Foreground (full song).
Scene 2

The Lovers - 00m00s through 00m38s. Background / foreground mix.
Scene 3

Mysterious Tombs - 00m00s through 01m50s. Background (full song).
Scene 4

Center of the Earth - 00m12s through 01m03s. Background.
Dark Horizon - 00m37s through 01m13s. Background.
The Lovers - 01m15s through 01m51s. Background.
Scene 5

In the Saddle - 00m00s through 01m48s. Foreground (full song).
Scene 6

Femme Fatale - 00m38s through 01m48s. Background.
Scene 7

A Lone Fight - 00m00s through 01m29s. Background (full song).
Scene 8

Femme Fatale - 00m00s through 00m29s. Background.
Dark Horizon - 00m29s through 01m16s. Background.
Scene 9

The Big Adventure - 00m00s through 01m46s. Foreground (full song).
The Last Stand - 01m13s through 01m53s. Foreground.
Scene 10

The Last Stand - 00m00s through 00m37s. Background.
Adagio - 00m46s through 01m49s. Background.
Scene 11

Army Advancing - 00m00s through 02m03s. Foreground / background mix (full song).
Femme Fatale - 00m00s through 01m08s. Background.
Scene 12

Pursuit - 00m00s through 00m26s. Background.
Scene 13

Melodramatic Love - 00m17s through 02m04s. Background.
Scene 14

All of My Love - 00m52s through 02m07s. Foreground.
Closing Credits

Magic of the Movies - 00m00s through 01m39s. Foreground (full song).

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