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Major Adam Mayweather
played by Mustachio26

Born in 1892 in Seattle, Washington. With an American father and Japanese mother, Adam was raised in a military household with a strong sense of duty toward his country. He joined the military as soon as he reached recruiting age, and later found himself stationed in the Pacific through the late 1930s. With tensions rising between America and Japan, he felt increasing pressure to relocate.

In January 1940 - little less than a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor - he was reassigned to a surprising new position. He would be attached with the American embassy in London, to take on a logistical role in overseeing the flow of refugees from mainland Europe. With a commendable military record, he retained the rank of Major.

Sergeant Benjamin Norfolk
played by JazzX

Born in 1911 in London, England. After several blemishes on his early military record, he finally rose through the ranks of Private and Corporal during operations in North Africa in late 1942. In one hectic battle, he seized command of an entire company away from a hesitant Brigadier General. After initially being dressed down for his conduct, he was later credited with saving the lives of everyone involved.

With significant combat duty behind him, and the respect of most of his peers, he would later be reassigned to the Normandy campaign.

Lance/Corporal Lance Holmes
played by JazzX

Born in 1918 in Dover, England. With an extensive engineering background, he was first deployed for active duty in North Africa through early 1942. He was given the honorary title of Lance/Corporal after his superiors witnessed him save several lives, while risking his own.

By the summer of 1942, he would later be redeployed for a role in an upcoming campaign led by a Canadian contingent. During this time, he would happen across Major Adam Mayweather, a meeting that would seal his fate…

Stephanie Holmes
played by Tracey

Born in 1920 in London, England. Her family moved to Paris in 1931, where she would remain as a teenager until the German occupation in 1940. Torn away from her family, she would seek refuge back on the shores of England.

Among the first friendly faces she would see is that of Major Adam Mayweather, a meeting that would seal her fate as well…

American Soldiers

Corporal Carl Devin
played by rileyman

Private First-Class David Cooper
played by TheMonk

Private First-Class Alex Serbin
played by leonhart

Canadian Soldiers

Sergeant Riley Thomas
played by dfallan

Private / Sergeant Walter Sears
played by rileyman

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