Contact Riley

As a Programmer

I'm a computer programmer by trade, and often by hobby as well. I hope this site can act as a resource for people looking to build web-based applications, and possibly personal game projects in the future; and of course, I always appreciate feedback! If you have questions, thoughts, or advice about anything you see me doing here on my site, feel free to post a comment over on my blog!

As a Gamer

I still actively play Eve Online. Besides being obsessed with the Ishkur - an assault-frigate class ship - my main character in New Eden also tends to be an explorer. While I normally play solo, I'd be interested in teaming up for almost any activity that allows me to, well, fly my Ishkurs!! Send along a private message in-game to Shaoylaenn Campbell, or stop by the Center for Advanced Studies corp chat (yes, I'm still in my n00b corp)!

As an Animated Filmmaker

You can follow the restoration of my old animated films over on the Riley Entertainment Youtube Channel! Any feedback or comments on my silly little films is always appreciated. You can expect to see more than just my old films there, as I've also posted a number of guides and playthroughs during my time with Eve Online.

Shaoylaenn - My main character in Eve Online
Ishkur - Shaoylaenn's ship! She'll stab you with it, and then baste you like a shish kabob!