Hello, and welcome to the Riley Programming site! This is my own little corner of the world wide web, where I'll be posting about my personal thoughts and projects, and perhaps occasionally entertaining those of you who share my sense of humour and adventure...

This website is something of a restoration project, as I had a personal website many years ago. However, it's also a fresh start. I'll be building this meager little site from the ground-up, trying my hands on different Java-based web frameworks, filling it with content and articles, and posting about my gaming experiences. It's starting its lifespan as a simple static website, using HTML5 and CSS3. Hopefully, within a few weeks, this meager site will start to become a place you can visit regularly.

Start by visiting my blog page to see what I'm up to, and what's coming soon. I plan to update it regularly!



While I'm in the process of building each new section of this site, I'll be blogging my progress and posting how-to articles. So keep coming back to see how it's going, or hop over to the Contact page to offer suggestions!

  1. Revise the blog page to retrieve blog posts from a database back-end. I'll be using MySql, and will start out with a simple Java Servlet that returns the blog posts in XML format. On the client-side, I'll use jQuery to perform an AJAX call to retrieve the most recent posts.
  2. Experiment with an additional Java Servlet that returns the blog posts in JSON format.
  3. Build an administrator front-end for posting to the blog. This will begin its lifespan as a simple Java Servlet.
  4. Experiment with existing web frameworks for the blog administrator front-end. I plan to start with Spring MVC, then move to Google Web Toolkit, and possibly try out Apache Wicket. Each web framework I investigate will be placed in its own portal area, so the plan is to be able to provide a fair comparison between each:
    • How seamless is it to get started, find tutorials and advice, and then get proficient?
    • How does each framework make things better than simply using a plain old Java Servlet?
    • How arduous is the configuration required?
    • Does the framework seem to place unwanted restrictions on my modeling of objects, or force me into particular programming patterns?
  5. Experiment with CSS media types to make this site viewable on mobile devices!


Years ago, I was heavily invested in producing short computer-animated films, sometimes referred to as Machinima, using Lionhead Studios' The Movies. In the short term, I'll be posting some of my past work on my new Youtube account. Stay tuned - my first silly movie should be coming very soon!

Lately, I've been spending a lot of my virtual time flying spaceships in Elite: Dangerous and Eve Online. Elite was released in December 2014, while Eve has been around for over a decade. As a continuation of my machinima hobby in the past, I plan on restoring myself to my former glory (hahahaha) and producing some animated shorts set in space!

Recent Updates

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